HR, Payroll and Attendance

Amarheshab Description

  Human Resource Management
  • Unit, Section, Sub section Entry module
  • Designation Entry Module
  • Salary Grade information
  • New employee entry system as per BGMEA and insurance policy
  • Employee search system
  • ID card printing system for attendance and other
  • Different kinds of employee report
  • Employee can transfer one section to other section
  • Leave application module
  • Job termination system
  • Human resource demand system for production
  • Daily working program for Over time and other
  • Holiday information
  • Manual attendance system using web facilities
  • Different types of attendance reports
  • Easiest salary process
  • Salary report as per BGMEA report
       Attendance System
  • Barcode or finger print or RF ID wise digital attendance system (Desktop based)
  • Attendance IN Time and Out Time visible to employee
  • Employee Image will be
displayed  during card punch
  • Employee current stay status
will be displayed
  • Web based attendance report